Blu hotel Lago di Garda

Il recente restyling della hall del Blu Hotel Park Hotel Casimiro Village a San Felice del Benaco sul lago di Garda ha dato vita ad uno spazio giovane, colorato ma allo stesso tempo elegante. I modelli selezionati sono la poltrona Joy, il divano e i pouf Lounge, i tavolini Clip e le poltroncine Paris.

Le Carat Restaurant

The extreme planning flexibility of our model Stripes is particularly evident in this project carried out for the Food Court of the JP Morgan headquarters in Paris. The customer’s request was to create a separate dining area, with regard of the existing dividing walls.
We carefully studied the area flooplan, in order to produce the Stripes seats that fit perfectly into the existing concrete structure.
Thanks to a meticulous work of our planners, we managed to produce customized Stripes seats in the perfect size, and the result is amazing!