Behind the Scenes: Interview with Jérome Gauthier

Watch the video interview with Jérôme Gauthier.
The Parisian designer has been cooperating with Marelli since 2008.
He developed the Workshaker collection, a contract furniture programme that will be enriched by new products that we are going to present at the Orgatec Fair in Cologne in October.


-Which is the best moment of the day that do you prefer?-

Probably the best moment is the morning because you don’t know exactly what’s waiting for you but all it’s possible.

-What’s your favourite colour?-

Probably blue, because it’s the colour of the sky.

-What’s your favourite project you have done? Why?-

All the pieces I have done are interesting for different reasons. I’m not proud of something special , but I’m proud about the relationship that we have built and about the time we spent together to find the right solutions for making new products.

-Which is the goal of the shooting that will be on the new Catalogue?-

It’s for be more understanding by the customers. To understand exactly how to use the products. This is the reason why we decided to make is in an unusual space and not a simple studio or something like that because it’s interesting to imagine that this place could be a new approach of organisation of the meeting place and offices.

-Which is the perfect place to use a Workshaker products?-

The office as well as open collective meeting areas.